IIT Mandi Catalyst


Thrust Areas:
The thrust areas include: Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Materials, Computer Science and Network Management, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Energy, Healthcare, Electrical Engineering and Electronics. However, IIT Mandi Catalyst is not limited to these areas. By the very nature of innovation, we expect other interdisciplinary technology areas will spawn business ideas, and we will incubate those businesses if deemed appropriate.

Who can apply:
Open to all qualified candidates with:
1. A keen entrepreneurial spirit and passion to make a difference through innovation
2. Interest in technological innovations and applications using ICT that can create an impact and help in empowering people

Support and Services:
The following support and services will be made available as per needs and requirements of incubatees:
1. Infrastructure for office operations
2. Admin support (Meeting /conference room facilities, Printer, Copier)
3. Expert services: Company Secretary, Accounting, Legal, IP (patents, copyrights etc.)
4. Funding as applicable
5. Networking and Linkages to Investors/Angels/VCs
6. Technological support for technology development/ product development, etc.
7. Marketing/commercialization strategy consultation

Incubation Process:
1. Idea Exploration
2. Pre-incubation
3. Incubation
4. Graduation

Apply for Incubation:
Download ‘Expression of Interest’ Document.