The Solar Labs
Simplifying Solar Installation
Enabling solar vendors through image technology for the process of site surveys and capacity analysis for faster, better and less costly solar installation.
M. Sahai
S. Gangal
A. Jindal
AI Labs
Translating Science to Business
Transforming engineering fabric across sectors for small and mid-sized companies with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
M. Tailor
S. Chandel
Drip Decision Farming via IoT
An optimized IOT solution to provide actionable intelligence to farmers for real-time irrigation decisions to guarantee plant health under water constraints.
Mr. S. Kamalesh
Dr. D. Datta
Dr. S. Srinivasan
Dr. R. Banerjee
Dr. S. Dasgupta
VI Tech
IDE for Visually Impaired
Integrated Development Environment for the visually impaired, enabling visually impaired programmers to code easily.
Hrithik Gupta