The Solar Labs
Simplifying Solar Installation
The Solar Labs believe that renewables is the need of the hour and that with each home installing solar they are contributing to a better future for the society and also helping the homeowners get additional income and make savings. TSL enables Solar vendors through Image Technology for the process of site surveys and capacity analysis for faster, better and less costly solar Installation. Using advanced computer vision techniques to analyze your house, and design for you the ideal system possible, all automatically. TSL is also developing tools for this which can be eventually used by solar installation companies.
re-imagining and re-engineering
“Byte” is re-imagining and re-engineering the corporate travel ecosystem by providing 2 part (APP + SaaS) solution to manage all ‘Travel & Expense’ category employee expenditures. “Byte” is building a business credit wallet that would enable employees to make policy controlled discretionary spends in real-time, making the entire expense reporting process redundant. With Byte, companies can save on fraud bills, paper trail cost, travel agency cost, credit card cost and overpriced SaaS solutions.
adventure sport for online media
4Play’s core product is extreme and adventure sport content for online media. Distributed, leveraging upon the capabilities of an aggregated network dispersed throughout online and offline channels. With the assistance of the incubator, 4Play is aiming to organise, structure and develop a micro content network throughout UGC platforms and social media on digital platforms.
online market for medical device
MedSamaan is a revolutionary Online Marketplace exclusively for Medical Devices. Med Samaan is also a small step in changing the way India deals with medical products. Their Platform addresses the pain points of all the concerned stakeholders- patients, doctors, hospitals and manufacturers. By leveraging technology, we intend to provide accessibility and freedom of choice at an affordable price. MedSamaan integrates the advantages of both online and offline sales, and provides a unique experience to users in terms of Variety, Choice, Lower Costs, Assured Quality and Timely Delivery.
Customize, manufacture and supply
IMITO is developing customizable flexible advertisement displays. These low power consumption displays are powered by solar photovoltaics. The illumination in these static displays can be animated as per the client’s requirements. IMITO aims to be a B2B company to customize, manufacture and supply the printed EL Lumin panels to advertising agencies and event management companies.
uG Fresh
Microgreen seeds
An agro based startup grow microgreens, loaded with rich nutrients. Micro Greens are edible immature green seedlings generally harvested within 1-3 weeks after seed germination. Research shows they are loaded with nutrients that are much higher than their fully grown counterparts. Apart from salads, they add beauty, texture and flavour to foods. The preferred microgreens varieties are that of radish, lettuce, beet, mustard, spinach, cabbage, kohlrabi, amaranth, pak choi, cauliflower, onion, etc. uG Fresh aims to provide packaged microgreens of different plant varieties with nutrient information in different package sizes as well as different combinations of microgreens. Mainly locally available seeds will be optimized.
Hi-Safe Electronics Corporation
IOT based anti – collision warning system for road safety
An electronic and software based warning system consisting of a set of warning lights and smart sensor based control systems, installed on both sides of blind curve. Thesystem has IOT based maintenance and monitoring to detect and correct fault from remote location.A sensor based electronic warning system canhelp prevent accidents by warning driver of one side about incoming vehicle from other side.