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Welcome to A National Workshop On Computational Intelligence Techniques for Smart Grid Applications

In the recent past Computational intelligence (CI) has emerged as a reliable and powerful subject to develop smart technologies in a vide area of industrial application. CI gives efficient alternate to the classical methods of problem solving particularly when they either fail to give a solution or no effective computational algorithms is available to attempt the problem at hand. CI is best suited for the problems which may not be defined explicitly in the form of a mathematical model. CI based techniques can play a key role in building smart grids intelligent and providing valuable benefits to functioning of the grid environment and stakeholders. A comparatively new era in computing, CI is already at the heart of many types of "smart" technologies and services in a variety of industries. In particular, CI enables us to interpret big data and create knowledge from it to make decisions in real-time for critical business functions.

The future electricity networks and their potential issues require looking beyond the existing research frontiers, independent of disciplinary boundaries. For this reason, a discussion of the future developments on sophisticated/intelligent applications/solutions is a key research issue, especially with the objective of integrating economic and social welfare into the design and maintenance of future smarter networks. Some of the solutions based on advanced technologies/methodologies will be discussed. Several technical studies based on the recent research work will also be presented.

Dates of Workshop: 28th May, 2015 - 30th May, 2015

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