1-5, July 2013 Last date of receiving application is 21.06.2013


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has become an integral part of design process in automotive, aviation, civil Construction and various consumer and industrial goods industries. Cut throat competition in the market puts tremendous pressure on the corporations to launch reasonably priced products in short time, making them to rely more on virtual tools (CAD/CAE) accelerate the design and development of products. As dependability of the industries on virtual tools increases, so the responsibilities of the Finite Element Analysts to provide results with most accuracy within available resources and time constrains. FEA tools are being used to analyse multi disciplinary problems, including but not limited to structures, thermal and fluid flow, bio­technology, electromagnetism etc.

This course will be particularly beneficial for Engineers and Scientists working in Structural/ Fluidflow/Environmental/Geo-technical/Thermal Engineering, Research Organizations, Govt. R&D Departments, Consulting companies, and selfemployed practitioners engaged in the analysis, design, planning, construction, operation, maintenance and management. This course would provide an excellent opportunity for the participants to interact with one another and discuss problems and solutions of mutual interest. At the end of the course, the participants may be in a position to identify and select appropriate FEA methodologies for their specific conditions.

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