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Office of Dean Faculty Overview:
All the matters related to the Establishment of Faculty members and other academic staff comes under the purview of the Dean Faculty (DF). Sanction of long leave, foreign travel, issue of service certificates, issue of 'No Objection Certificates' (NOC) for passport etc. are issued by the DF office. In addition to this, Office of Faculty Affairs coordinates a variety of activities associated with Faculty service related matters and academic activities at IIT Mandi. The major functions of the Office of Dean Faculty are as mentioned below:

  • 1. Selection Procedures with regard to the different chair positions and research fellowships are also the responsibility of the Office of Faculty affairs.

  • 2. The Office of Faculty Affairs is also involved in appointments of Visiting Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Emeritus Professor and Emeritus Fellows etc.

  • 3. Confirmation, Extension, Service related matters.

  • 4. Sanction of different types of long leaves, Sabbatical, Deputation, Foreign travel.

  • 5. Pay and perks to Faculty Members, which includes fixation and upgradation etc.

  • 6. Holding different Types of Meetings: Review meetings, Faculty meetings, etc.

  • 7. Faculty Benefits and Services.

  • 8. Maintaining of all service records related to academic staff.