Virtual Classroom ,Project Room and Wi-Fi

Virtual Classroom

This room has all the facilities. Purpose of this room is basically video conferencing. IIT Mandi is connected to other IITs through Video Conferencing. High Speed BSNL Broadband is used for this purpose. Video conferencing is of high definition quality.

Room is Equipped with a projector and many large sized high definition Flatron television screens. This room is also equipped with Wi-Fi facility. Cameras are all over the room. Microphones are placed all over the room; students need not take any mike in his/her hand. Room is fully air conditioned and ventilated with well managed sitting arrangement. Students of IIT Mandi who are presently in first year had a full course through video conferencing given by Dr. Sanjeev Manhas of IIT Roorkee. A lot of money is invested in the management of this room. This room is also used by faculty and PhD Scholars for video conferencing with other IITs.

Project Room

It is a special room provided to the students for working on their projects. The Room is equipped with tables and chairs. Lockers are provided to the students who are dealing in any project. This room is like a shared space. Different groups who are indulged in any projects share this room. This a meeting place for all the groups.

Project room is equipped with high speed Wi-Fi facility. All the different Wi-Fis are accessible from project room. Project room is available to all the students for 24 hrs. Students can hold their group meeting whenever they feel comfortable. All the efforts are made to make the project room ideal for the students.


Wi-Fi facility is very good in the campus.High speed Wi-Fis are provided in each and every hostel. Serial key is given to each and every student. Wi-Fi access is available 24x7. Best Wi-Fi facilities have been provided in academic block. Many Wi-Fi connections are provided in each and every part of the academic block. Wi-Fis have strong strength and high speed as they are both used by students and faculty. Wi-Fi facility is specially designed so that there is a less fluctuation of speed when there is any sudden increase in number of users in the network.