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The Design and Innovation Centre is an initiative taken up by the Ministry of Human resource Development, Govt of India, as a part of its 12th Five year plan (2012-17). The Design and Innovaton Centre will focus on concept to prototype to product transformation as a part of its mission in the hub-spoke model. IIT Mandi is linking up with IIT Delhi as its hub institute in the Design and Innovation Centre programme. Keeping in mind the broader institutional goals, ther Design and Innovation Centre at IIT Mandi has set forth the goals of developing technologies that are technologically beneficial to the Himalayan region preeserving the ecological balance by and large.

The centre is envisioned to provide a perfect ambience for the students to walk in with some thoughts and ideas and walk out with a product. A number of technologies such as automatic ration vending machine, fire fighter, electronic guitar are already under development in the centre.

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  1. Conducted Innovation Hackathon 2018 ,a technical rivalry where students showcased their innovatie ideas and skills in various engineering fields.
  2. New DIC-Tinkering Lab is opened in North campus - B16 where students can utilize the lab facilities to put their innovative ideas into productive works.

Innovation Highlights

Notable projects from DIC

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Ignis Bellator

Every year, a huge loss to life and property is caused by fire. Fire-fighting is a risky business and requires extremely skilled labour. Is it possible to extinguish fires without putting fire-fighters into danger? The solution lies in developing an autonomous robot that acts in-place of fire-fighters and reduces risk to human-life. The device sends an SMS alert to the user and the nearest fire-station. This can reduce the damage caused because of lack of information about fire. The user can control the robot and guide it inside hazardous situations. This can reduce the risk to fire-fighters significantly. The device is also integrated with a live camera-feed that can show human presence in fire-affected areas. This can be used to take appropriate action to save lives. The robot can work under a reasonable range of temperature efficiently.

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Automatic Ration Vending Machine2

Around 40 crore of the population of India come in below poverty line (BPL) families. There have been growing instances of consumers receiving inferior quality of food grains, deceitful dealers replacing the good supplies with inferior stock and several other malpractices. However, ration stores have the problem of the long queues which cause a lot of time wastage and unwanted commotion in the stores. The project aims to develop a product known as automatic vending machine that is primarily meant to be sanctioned and operated in the ration stores in India. It contains storage containers for various ration items and final output is the dispensation of desired quantity of one specific ration. The Automatic Ration Vending Machine(AVRM) has an interface (a touchscreen).. As soon as the input is given, the entire mechanism of the product comes into action. The customer will have to specify the quantity of the commodity he/she needs. Immediately after dispensation of ration, a printed bill will be generated. The amount specified will be will be deducted from the synced bank account of the customer.