Special Invitation for Girl Students

A special invitation to girls to join IIT Mandi:

IIT Mandi especially encourages girls to join our B.Tech. programme. Engineering is a profession dedicated to developing solutions for the problems of society. As half of society is female, it is only by having a large number of female engineers that our society will get the best solutions.

From excelling in science subjects in high school to heading world-renowned hi-tech companies such as HP and Xerox, women have proved themselves as highly talented engineers. On this page, some of our female faculty members and B.Tech students tell you why IIT Mandi is a special place for them. We have special incentives for female B.Tech. students at IIT Mandi.

Special Incentives :

  1. A scholarship will be provided to all female students admitted to first year B.Tech. The scholarship will carry free boarding and lodging plus a stipend of Rs. 1,000 per month for 10 months. Female students of only Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering receive this scholarship in the second year.

  2. ACM, IEEE or ASME student membership will be provided by the institute to female students admitted in B.Tech.

  3. Bus facility will be arranged on payment basis between Mandi and Delhi via Chandigarh at the beginning and at the end of the semester.

Women's Centre :

IIT Mandi has Women's Centre(WC) comprising of faculty members, staff members and student representatives. The role of WC is:
  1. To ensure that IIT has an atmosphere that is welcoming and conducive for women faculty, staff, students and visitors.

  2. To organize functions , training, etc towards the above goal.

  3. To receive grievances regarding sexual discrimination and harassment and to investigate them through an appropriate Complaints Committee.

  4. To recommend actions to the appropriate authority, such as Dean (Students) , Dean (Academics), Registrar or Director.
WC Members:

Chair: Dr. Tulika Srivastava
Asst. Professor , School of Basic Sciences

Dr. Viswanath Balakrishnan
Asst. Professor , School of Engineering

Dr. Sarita Azad
Asst. Professor , School of Basic Sciences
Ms. Chandan Sharma
Jr. Supdt.
Dr. N.S.Bhandari
Dy. Librarian

Student Members:
Ms. Paramita Dutta (Ph.D.)

Ms. Shikha Gupta (M.S.)
Ms. Shivangi Kataria (B.Tech.) Ms. Seela Aiswarya (B.Tech.)