1st person to complete PhD entirely in IIT Mandi, 24 Sep

    Hailing from Paikatand, Jharkhand, Dr. Lakshman Mahto has the distinction of being the first person to complete a PhD entirely in IIT Mandi! He joined IIT Mandi in the first batch of PhD students on 20th October, 2010 and worked under the guidance of Dr. Syed Abbas. Lakshman Mahto is the first PhD student guided by Dr. Syed Abbas after he joined IIT Mandi as a fresh Assistant Professor in 2010.
    On September 24th, 2014 he presented his thesis to the Director, IIT Mandi, who handed over his provisional degree certificate. During his PhD thesis defense on 15th September, 2014, the external examiner commended the high quality of his research. He will receive the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the 2nd Convocation of the Institute, to be held in November 2014.
    Dr. Mahto’s research interests are in the mathematical theory and numerical analysis of fractional partial differential equations (PDE) with impulsive effects. His thesis "Analysis of Impulsive Fractional Functional Differential Equations" considers applications of fractional PDEs to Population Dynamics, Control Theory and Neural Networks.
    Dr. Mahto plans to go to a leading research university in Europe or North America for a postdoc. This will equip him for a career as a faculty in one of India’s top research universities -- which we hope will be his alma mater in the Himalayas!