First NKN-based Course from IIT-Mandi, 27 Sep

    Hitherto, students of IIT Mandi have been receiving several courses from other institutions by video-conferencing through the National Knowledge Network (NKN). In the Autumn 2013 semester, for the first time, IIT Mandi's course no. ME 618: Stealth Technology [Infrared (IR) Signatures] is being broadcast from IIT Mandi by video-conferencing through NKN. It is being received in National Institute of Technology Hamirpur (Mechanical Dept. for Masters' Students) and Program – Air Defense (Scientists), R.C.I. (DRDO) Hyderabad. This course is being conducted by Dr. Shripad P. Mahulikar, Professor, School of Engineering, who is on deputation at IIT Mandi from IIT Bombay (Aerospace Dept.). The research of Prof. Mahulikar in the strategic area of IR-Stealth of Aerospace Vehicles is internationally visible through his widely cited journal papers.