Frequently Asked Questions

Where is IIT Mandi located?
The main campus of IIT Mandi is located in the village of Kamand, which is 15 km from Mandi town. Mandi is located in the center of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 200 km from Chandigarh and about 475 km from New Delhi. IIT Mandi has a few offices and a guest house in Mandi town.
Where is the Transit campus located?
The transit campus of IIT Mandi is located at Vallabh Degree College in Mandi town. All the undergraduate students shifted to the Kamand campus in April 2015. Many of the faculty and staff are also based in Kamand.
How does one reach Mandi and the Kamand campus?
After reaching Mandi, one can take a taxi to Kamand, or take the IIT shuttle bus. Please see How to reach page.
What facilities are available in the Kamand campus?
In addition to academic, research facilities and housing, other facilities in the Kamand campus include:
  • Banks and ATMs (State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank)
  • Medical unit with ambulance, on call round-the-clock
  • IIT-Takshila Campus school (currently upto 4th standard; the school continues to expand)
  • Daycare facility for the children of students, faculty and staff
  • Provision store, stationary store
  • Two cafeterias
  • Two central mess
What is the climate like in Mandi?
Mandi town falls in the lower most climatic zone of the Himalayas, with moderate summers and cold winters. Rains usually happen in July to September, and the average annual temperature is around 25 degrees centigrade. Usually, there is no snowfall in Mandi.
What are the residential facilities?
There are several hostels, which cater to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Boys and girls are housed in separate hostels. The Central Mess provides hot meals throughout the year. There are also studio apartments and guest houses for visitors. The Kamand campus is now a fully residential complex for faculty, students and others.
What are the living expenses?
The expenditure pattern is similar to that of other cities. Apart from the Institute fees which are payable every semester, the anticipated expense per month should be about Rs 3000 including messing charges.
I need more information.
Please send an Email to: registrar[at]
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