The Logo

IIT Mandi logo


Far from the maddening crowd, this bower of education is endowed with invigorating lush green surroundings. The sun rises on these mountains to spread the hue of true knowledge. The Beas, unaware of its own majesty, flows beneath an engineering marvel - a century old suspension bridge of the historical Mandi town.


The suspension bridge of Mandi, an engineering marvel, is the focal point of the logo with the symbolic representation of hills, sun and the Beas.

The Logo theme

The freedom to learn from the limitless domain of knowledge and the freedom to be unique.
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Three colours are used in the logo, viz., blue, green and orange. Blue signifies limitless sky, thus symbolizes the vast expanse of knowledge. Green signifies vegetation, youth and freshness of ideas. Orange signifies energy and the spirit of dedication. The depth in the logo signifies unending quest for excellence. The bridge, which is a specimen of the cutting edge engineering skills of the yesteryears, portends similar wondrous creations by the students of IIT Mandi.

Thus, the logo depicts what IIT Mandi is - a youthful and a vibrant destination for the steadfast pursuit of knowledge and excellence!

The IIT Mandi logo has been designed by Dr. Ila Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, IIT Roorkee