S. No. File No. Proposal Title Faculty Name Agreement signed with Amount Period Signing Date Completion Date
    1.IITMandi/CONS/02/2014Face Recognition in Real TimeDr. Anil K. SaoAindra Systems, Bangalore1,34,8321 Year5.
    2.IITM/CONS/PPLP/VD/03Machine Learning and Data Mining for Sales and Analytics in PharmaDr. Varun DuttPurdue Pharma L.P., USAUSD$96,0623.7 Years16.2.1516.09.18.
    3.IITM/CONS/ALT/AK/04Handbook for PBS Works: Altair's SolutionsDr. Arti KashyapAltair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.5,85,0005-6 Months1.3.13Sep- 13
    4.IITM/CONS/PPLP/VD/05Visualization of Big Data in Pharmaceutical IndustryDr. Varun DuttPurdue Pharma L.P., USAUSD$8,9999 Months10.9.1510.6.16
    5.IITM/CONS/BHEL/RK/06 Development of analytical method to determine transient torques developed under various faults and its grid interaction effects on turbine generator shaft systemDr. Rajeev Kumar Co-PI: Dr. B.S. RajpurohitBHEL, Ranipur, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 17,87,55615 Months 23.11.15
    6.IITM/CONS/RxDSI/VD/07 Efficient query and visualization of Big DataDr. Varun Dutt Rx Data Science Inc, USAUSD$ 9,70109 Months & 10 Days01.09.16 10.06.17
    7IITM/CONS/SoT&D/RS/08Up- gradation of the existing rope-way system used in rural areasDr. Rajneesh Sharma (PI), Dr. Rajeev Kumar (Co-PI)Society for Technology and Development , District- Mandi (H.P)1,50,00003 years01.10.1630.09.19
    8IITM/CONS/AI/VB/09Development of aligned CNT-polymer nanocomposite for light weight and high strength body armor applicationDr. Viswanath BalakrishnanAzista Industries, Hyderabad2,99,00002 years01.11.1631.10.18
    9IITM/CONS/PG/RS/10PSPCL Multistory integrated corporate office complex at Shakti Vhar Patiala PBDr. Rajneesh Sharma (PI), Dr. Kaustav Sarkar (Co-PI)Planners Group, Chandigarh3,78,64002 years01.12.1631.05.17
    10IITM/CONS/HPPWD/RS/11 C/o Traffic chakker at Sukhodi Khad Hospital Chowk Mandi (SH: c/o round about inbetween existing bridges and R/wall to Sukhodi bridge hospital side Dr. Rajneesh Sharma(PI), Dr. Kaustav Sarkar(Co-PI) Executive Engineer, Mandi division II, HPPWD Mandi 1,49,500 06 months 01.02.17 31.07.17
    11IITM/CONS/CPWD-IARI/RS/12 Vetting of structural design for the extension of renovation of existing shed of Mela Ground, IARI Pusa New Delhi Dr. Rajneesh Sharma Executive Engineer, CD-4 CPWD, IARI Pusa New Delhi. 2,64,500 02 months 01.02.17 31.03.17
    12IITM/CONS/TMSC/RS/13Proof checking of the district courts building at gurgaon state PWD Dr. Rajneesh Sharma (PI), Dr. Kaustav Sarkar (Co-PI) Tarun Mathur Structural consultant,764, Sec-8B, Chandigarh3,45,000 02 months 01.04.17 31.05.17
    13IITM/CONS/DDPT/KVU/14Borrow soil testing for NH-21Dr. K.V. UdayDruta designs pvt. Ltd., Road no.-10, Banjara hills, Hyderabad1,04,65001 month 29.05.1728.06.17
    14IITM/CONS/RIC/BJ/15Matlab simulation of battery energy storage system(BESS) for 17 MW solar PV plantDr. Bhakti JoshiAmber Aziz, Raychem RPG(RIC), Halol, Vadodara, Gujrat1,77,60010 days 17.06.1726.06.17
    16IIITM/CONS/RxDSI/VD/16Application for mining rare diseases and analyzing and predicting patient journeysDr. Varun DuttRx Data Science Inc, USAUS$ 21667.15217 months10.08.1731.12.18
    17IITM/CONS/ISPL/GSR/17Automotive antenna design reviewDr. Gopi Shrikant ReddyIneda Systems Pvt. Ltd, E-Park, Cyberabad, Hyderabad1073806 months01.10.1730.03.18
    18IITM/CONS/REC/SKS/18Review of design and drawing of dyke wall, fire wall, manhole and barricade structure around oil tankDr. Sandip Kumar SahaRezilient Engineering Consultancy, Flat no. 101, Nidhi enclave, KPHB, Hyderabad3068012 days08.12.1719.12.17
    19IITM/CONS/UPJN/KVU/19Site investigation for finalization of suitable location of JNV hostel Pandoh MandiDr. K.V.Uday (PI), Dr. Rajaneesh Sharma & Dr. D.P. Shukla (Co-PI)Mr. M. K. Aggarwal, Project Manager Unit-12, C&DS, UPJN, A-63, Ground floor, Sector-70 Nodia329811 month06.04.1805.05.18
    20IITM/CONS/TMSC/RS/20Proof checking of the two railway flyover bridges design for PWD (B&R) HaryanaDr. Rajaneesh Sharma (PI), Dr. Kaustav Sarkar (Co-PI)Tarun Mathur Structural consultant,764, Sec-8B, Chandigarh1770003 months01.04.1830.06.18
    21IITM/CONS/C&DS/RS/21Site visit of JNV's for 3rd party inspection to ensure quality / structure soundness of the buildings at Mandi and ChambaDr. Rajneesh Sharma (PI)Mr. M. K. Aggarwal, Project Manager, Unit-12, C&DS, UPJN, A-63, Ground floor, Sector-70 Nodia4295215 months01.04.1801.07.19
    22IITM/CONS/HPPWD/RS/22Channelization of skodi khad between the new bridge to suhara Muhalla bridgeDr. Rajneesh Sharma (PI) Dr. Kaustav Sarkar, Dr. Dericks P Shukla (Co-PI's)Er. Pradeep Kumar Exe. Engineer,Mandi Divi.-2 Mandi (H.P.)5062206 months01.05.1801.10.18
    23IITM/CONS/CPWD/RS/23Structural analysis and design of the administrative block for ATARI executive Engineer PCD-1 CPWD, Pune MHDr. Rajneesh Sharma (PI) Dr. Kaustav Sarkar (Co-PI)Mr. Ram S Verma, Executive Engineer CPWD Pune, MH2607803 months25.06.1824.09.18
    24IITM/CONS/FCI/RS/24Structure design of retaining walls at proposed sites of warehouses at Palampur, Mandi & Reckong Peo (H.P.)Dr. Rajneesh Sharma (PI) Dr.Kaustav Sarkar, Dr. Dericks P Shukla Dr. Kala Venkata Uday (Co-PI)Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma AGM (CVIL) FCI Shimla25464403 months05.09.1804.12.18