S. No. File No. Proposal Title Faculty Name Agreement signed with Amount Period Signing Date Completion Date
    1.IITMandi/CONS/02/2014Face Recognition in Real TimeDr. Anil K. SaoAindra Systems, Bangalore1,34,8321 Year5.
    2.IITM/CONS/PPLP/VD/03Machine Learning and Data Mining for Sales and Analytics in PharmaDr. Varun DuttPurdue Pharma L.P., USAUSD$96,0623 Years16.2.1516.2.18
    3.IITM/CONS/ALT/AK/04Handbook for PBS Works: Altair's SolutionsDr. Arti KashyapAltair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.5,85,0005-6 Months1.3.13Sep- 13
    4.IITM/CONS/PPLP/VD/05Visualization of Big Data in Pharmaceutical IndustryDr. Varun DuttPurdue Pharma L.P., USAUSD$8,9999 Months10.9.1510.6.16
    5.IITM/CONS/BHEL/RK/06 Development of analytical method to determine transient torques developed under various faults and its grid interaction effects on turbine generator shaft systemDr. Rajeev Kumar Co-PI: Dr. B.S. RajpurohitBHEL, Ranipur, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 17,87,55615 Months 23.11.15
    6.IITM/CONS/RxDSI/VD/07 Efficient query and visualization of Big DataDr. Varun Dutt Rx Data Science Inc, USAUSD$ 9,70109 Months & 10 Days01.09.16 10.06.17
    7IITM/CONS/SoT&D/RS/08Up- gradation of the existing rope-way system used in rural areasDr. Rajneesh Sharma (PI), Dr. Rajeev Kumar (Co-PI)Society for Technology and Development , District- Mandi (H.P)1,50,00003 years01.10.1630.09.19
    8IITM/CONS/AI/VB/09Development of aligned CNT-polymer nanocomposite for light weight and high strength body armor applicationDr. Viswanath BalakrishnanAzista Industries, Hyderabad2,99,00002 years01.11.1631.10.18
    9IITM/CONS/PG/RS/10PSPCL Multistory integrated corporate office complex at Shakti Vhar Patiala PBDr. Rajneesh Sharma (PI), Dr. Kaustav Sarkar (Co-PI)Planners Group, Chandigarh3,78,64002 years01.12.1631.05.17
    10IITM/CONS/HPPWD/RS/11 C/o Traffic chakker at Sukhodi Khad Hospital Chowk Mandi (SH: c/o round about inbetween existing bridges and R/wall to Sukhodi bridge hospital side Dr. Rajneesh Sharma(PI), Dr. Kaustav Sarkar(Co-PI) Executive Engineer, Mandi division II, HPPWD Mandi 1,49,500 06 months 01.02.17 31.07.17
    11IITM/CONS/CPWD-IARI/RS/12 Vetting of structural design for the extension of renovation of existing shed of Mela Ground, IARI Pusa New Delhi Dr. Rajneesh Sharma Executive Engineer, CD-4 CPWD, IARI Pusa New Delhi. 2,64,500 02 months 01.02.17 31.03.17
    12IITM/CONS/TMSC/RS/13Proof checking of the district courts building at gurgaon state PWD Dr. Rajneesh Sharma (PI), Dr. Kaustav Sarkar (Co-PI) Tarun Mathur Structural consultant,764, Sec-8B, Chandigarh3,45,000 02 months 01.04.17 31.05.17
    13IITM/CONS/DDPT/KVU/14Borrow soil testing for NH-21Dr. K.V. UdayDruta designs pvt. Ltd., Road no.-10, Banjara hills, Hyderabad1,04,65001 month 29.05.1728.06.17
    14IITM/CONS/RIC/BJ/15Matlab simulation of battery energy storage system(BESS) for 17 MW solar PV plantDr. Bhakti JoshiAmber Aziz, Raychem RPG(RIC), Halol, Vadodara, Gujrat1,77,60010 days 17.06.1726.06.17
    16IIITM/CONS/RxDSI/VD/16Application for mining rare diseases and analyzing and predicting patient journeysDr. Varun DuttRx Data Science Inc, USAUS$ 21667.15217 months10.08.1731.12.18
    17IITM/CONS/ISPL/GSR/17Automotive antenna design reviewDr. Gopi Shrikant ReddyIneda Systems Pvt. Ltd, E-Park, Cyberabad, Hyderabad1073806 months01.10.1730.03.18
    18IITM/CONS/REC/SKS/18Review of design and drawing of dyke wall, fire wall, manhole and barricade structure around oil tankDr. Sandip Kumar SahaRezilient Engineering Consultancy, Flat no. 101, Nidhi enclave, KPHB, Hyderabad3068012 days08.12.1719.12.17