Research Facility

Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS)

Electrical transport properties DC/AC electrical resistivity, Hall effect, I-V characterization T = 1.8 - 600 K & H = 0 - 14 T.
Thermal transport properties Thermoelectric power, Thermal conductivity, Hall effect, Nernst effect T = 1.8 - 600 K & H = 0 - 14 T

SQUID Magnetometer (MPMS)

Magnetic properties DC Magnetization (M vs T, M vs H), AC susceptibility T = 1.8 - 400 K, H = 0 - 7 T

Seeback and Nernst coefficient measurement

CData acquisition system for Seeback and Nernst coefficient measurement integrated with PPMS

Close Cycle Refrigerator (CCR)

Close Cycle Refrigerator (8- 350 K) for electrical and thermal transport studies.

Three Zone Furnace

Separately controlled three zones(Nabertherm), Max. temp 1300℃, Single crystal growth, Chemical vapor transport

Muffle Furnace

General purpose Box furnace (Thermofisher), Max temp 1100℃, Anealing, Flux growth, etc.

Muffle Box Furnace

ants Box furnace, Max temp 1100℃

Tube Furnace

Thermo scientific Lindberg blue M, Max temp 1050℃