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Electrical Machine Lab

Electric machines lab equipped with all devices and equipments needs to make all tests and measurements that the students needed to become familiar with major types of DC/ AC motors, DC/ AC generators and transformers either single - phase or three- phase.

Electrical Machine Lab In-charge

Dr. Himanshu Mishra
Asst. Professor
Phone: 267115
EMail: himanshumisra
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Electrical Machine Lab Staff

Arun Kumar
Lab Technical Assistant
Phone: 267186
EMail: eelabs

List of Equipments

DC Motor Speed Control Trainer

Description : DC Motor Speed Control Trainer board is used for performing torque chacteristics for DC Motor, Motor current curves, motor efficiency curves.

The trainer board consists of:
  • Two independent meters 0-300VDC and 0-5A
  • Two SCR Actuator panels for armature and field
  • DC motor 800W,1500RPM
Brushless DC Motor Trainer

Description : BLDC Motor trainer board is used for performing the speed control of BLDC motor using PWM method, direction change and braking system.

The trainer board consists of:
  • DC Voltmeter 0-30V,DC ammeter 0-10A
  • BLDC Motor 200W,2500RPM,24V DC
  • Panels for forward reverse switch,brake switch,speed control pot.,Tacho output
Disectable Machine System

Description : The Disectable Machines systems allows approximately 60 electrical machines to be assembles or dismantled down to component parts level(shaft, coils, poles-pieces, stator,brushgear.etc)Tests can then be carried out on a complete machine to verify its characterictics.

Three Phase Induction motor With Panel

Description : Three Phase Induction Motor is an adaptable training system for the Electrical laboratories.It helps you to get fully acquainted with the basic concepts and functioning of a Three Phase squirrel cage Induction Motor. The trainer practically expertises you in exercises like Running and Reversing, No Load T est, Block Rotor Test, Slip Measurement, Load Test etc.

DC Power Supply

Description : DC Supply is an important device in Electrical laboratories. It is very helpful in performing experiments with DC Voltages. The product provides both Fixed and Variable DC supplies. Product is designed such that it can be easily connected to any other equipment. Additional meters are provided to observe the output voltage and current measurements.The rating of the power supply is 2KW (200VDC/10A) fixed and variable.

Single Phase Auto Transformers

Description : Single phase auto transformer are effective device for step less, break less and continuous control of A.C voltage and therefore, for control of various other parameters, dependent on A.C voltage. It is ideal controlling device for numerous applications in laboratories.We are having auto transformer .Output voltage variation on no load and even on load is smooth,continous and proportional to angular rotation.the available ratings are 2KVA,3KVA.

Series Power Quality Analyser (43B)

Description : Series power quality analyser is used for measurement power, power factor, transients. It can also used as a dual channel oscilloscope and as multimeter.

Some of the measurements that can be performed are
  • Measures power (W, VA, VAR) and power factor (PF, DPF)
  • Calculates power and power factor on balanced 3-phase loads
  • Voltage, current and power harmonics up to the 51st
  • Measures sags and swells on a cycle-by-cycle basis for up to 24 hours
  • Automatically captures up to 40 transients as fast as 40 ns
  • Measures motor inrush and analyzes using cursors
  • Dual-channel scope,20MHz bandwidth
  • Measures continuity, resistance capacitance and tests diode

Description : The tachometer available in lab used for measuring the speed of any AC/DC rotational machine. Both optical tachometer and contact tachometer are available in different RPM range and memory for storing data.