S. NoAs per Institute of Technology Act- 1961DesignationName
    1Section14(a)The Director, Ex-Officio,
    Who shall be the Chairman of the Senate
    Prof. Ajit Kumar Chaturvedi
    Director IIT Mandi

    2Section14(b)The Deputy Director Ex- Officio,NA

    3Section14( c)The Professors Appointed or Recognized as such by the Institute for the Purpose of imparting Instructions in the Institute, including visiting and emeritus1. Prof. S.C. Jain

    2. Prof. Ramesh Oruganti

    3. Prof. Kenneth E. Gonsalves

    4. Prof. Rajan Kapur

    5. Prof. B. Subramanian

    6. Prof. Subrata Ray

    7. Prof. Yvonne Dittrich

    8. Prof. Ajit Padmakar Annachattre

    9. Prof. Ing. Balthasar Novak

    10. Prof. Tarun Kant

    11. Prof. Sumant Nigam

    12. Prof. Pradeep Parameshwaran

    12. Prof. Suman Kalyan Pal

    14. Prof. Subrata Ghosh

    15. Prof. Chayan Kanti Nandi

    16. Prof. Prem Felix Siril
    4Section14(d)Three Persons not being employee of the Institute, to be nominated by the Chairman in consultation with the Director, from among educationists of repute, each from the fields of science, engineering and humanities; and;1. Prof. Sunil R. Kale, IIT Delhi

    2. Prof. N. Sathyamurthy, IISER Mohali

    3. Prof. Rowena Robinson, IIT Bombay

    5Section 14(e)Such Other Members of the Staff as may be laid down in the statutes;Detailed below
    6Section 19Secretary and RegistrarShri K.K. Bajre
    Registrar, IIT Mandi
    As Per Clause 5(1) of IIT Mandi Statutes, the following Shall be the member of Senate
    S. NoAs per IIT Mandi StatutesDesignationName
    1Clause5-1(a)The Deans and Associate Deans Other than Professors, as are not Members Of the Senate, ( Ex-Officio);Deans:
    1. Dean (Academics), IIT Mandi

    2. Dean (F&A), IIT Mandi

    3. Dean (Students), IIT Mandi

    4. Dean (I&S), IIT Mandi

    5. Dean (SRIC) , IIT Mandi

    6. Dean (Faculty), IIT Mandi

    2Clause5-1(b)The Heads of the Departments/Academic Centres/Schools other than Professors, as are not members of the Senate, (Ex-Officio);Schools

    1. Chairperson, SCEE, IIT Mandi

    2. Chairperson, SE, IIT Mandi

    3. Chairperson, SBS, IIT Mandi

    4. Chairperson, SHSS, IIT Mandi

    1. Co-ordinator, AMRC

    2. Co-ordinator, BioX

    3. Co-ordinator , C4FED

    3Clause5-1(c)One or More members of academic from each of the Departments and Schools, nominated by the Chairman of the Senate, for a period of one year, subject to a maximum of two persons from any Department or SchoolDr. Rajeev Kumar

    Dr. Aditi Halder

    Dr. Srikant Srinivasan

    Dr. Sunny Zafar

    Dr. Qaiser Jahan

    Dr. Gopi Srikanth Reddy

    Dr. Puran Singh

    Dr. Astrid Keihn – Chair (LAC)

    Sh. N.S. Bhandari – Deputy Librarian
    4Clause5-1(d)Two distinguished persons from the Industry, Research & Development, Financial Institutions and any other comparable organizations, nominated by the Chairman of the Senate, for a period of two yearsDr. Nadeem Akhtar, M/s Arista Networks

    Dr. Amit Jaiswal – Chief Warden
    5Clause5-1(e)Invitees, with no voting rights, whose presence may be sought during discussion on one or more items of agenda. All Faculty members of the Institute.

    6Clause5-1(f)Upto five students representatives nominated by the Chairman of the Senate, as special invitees, for a period of one year whose participation shall be for the non-evaluation items of the SenateSpecial Invitees:

    1.Student Research Affairs Secretary, IIT Mandi

    2. Student General Secretary, IIT Mandi

    3.Student Academic Affairs Secretary, IIT Mandi