Other Forms Of Energy
  • Waste Water Management, IIT Mandi, Kamand Campus.

    The Different Forms of Conventional Energy used in the campus, other than Electricity are Coal, Liquid Pertoleum Gas and Diesel. All the values of consumption are represented in Kilograms and expressed in average per month basis. Coal and LPG are used in messes, canteens and residential buildings of the campus. Diesel is used for running vehicles especially institue buses from Kamand campus to Mandi town and vice-versa. Diesel is also required for back-up generators in times of power – failure in the campus. Although, petrol is used in personal cars and vehicles, but since these vehicles are not used inside the campus , the energy consumption by petrol is not taken into account.

    Discussion : Discussion: The Diesel consumption is about more than a half of total consumption of commercial conventional energy, occupying 55% , LPG about 43% and Coal 2%. Energy Density of diesel is 35.86 MJ/L. CO2 emissions from Diesel is 73.25 g/MJ. [1].

    Thus, the average energy consumption from diesel per month is 4610.56 x 35.86 = 165,334.68 Mega Joules.

    LPG has a calorific value of 46.1 Mega Joules per Kg. Energy density per volume unit is 26 Mega Joules per litre. [1].

    Thus, the average energy consumption from LPG per month is 4140 x 26 = 107,640 Mega Joules.

    Coal consumption is much less than the other forms of fuel – diesel and LPG. Energy Density of Coal is 24 Mega Joules /kg , which is equal to approximately 6.7 Kilowatt-hours/Kg. [2].

    Thus, the average energy consumption from Coal per month is 22 x 24 = 528 Mega Joules.

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