International Workshop on "Advances in Electron Spectroscopy - Experiment and Theory (AESET 2016)",
18-21 January, 2016

    AESET 2016 Group, IIT Mandi

A conference/discussion meeting on "Advances in Electron Spectroscopy - Experiment and Theory (AESET 2016)" was conducted at IIT Mandi during 18th to 21st January 2016. The main aim of the meeting was to discuss recent advances in the field of electron spectroscopy and microscopy, and future directions. This meeting was the second of the series. The first one was organized in GĂ–ttingen, Germany. The main organizers of this meeting were Prof. Kalobaran Maiti from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai and Late Prof. Thomas Pruschke from University of GĂ–ttingen. The local organizers were Dr. Bindu Radhamany, Dr. Ajay Sony, Dr. Chandrashekhar and Mr. Pavin Samuel.

There were about 50 participants, included pioneers from India and abroad and also research scholars and post docs. The meeting started by giving condolence to Late Prof. Thomas Pruschke, who had contributed significantly in the field of dynamical mean field theory. On behalf of the Director, IIT Mandi, Dr. Prem Felix welcomed the guest and gave a brief introduction about IIT Mandi. Prof. A. Fujimori, a pioneer in the field, started the presentation.

The meeting concluded with panel discussion with Prof. Biermann Silke, Prof. J. Fink, Prof. F. Assad and Prof. Fujimori as the panel members. The discussion was mainly on what input the experimentalist and theorist should provide each other to improve the understanding of the spectroscopic data and what new experiments can be planned.