IIT Mandi inaugurates Botanical Garden in its green Campus, 12 July 2015

IIT Mandi, committed to its eco-management plans and outreach activities has inaugurated the Botanical Garden in its main campus at Kamand. Several plant species endemic to the area, of high value and endangered, have been planted. These include species of fruit trees, bioengineering plants, medicinal and aromatic plants. The event was inaugurated by Prof. Timothy Gonsalves, Director, IIT Mandi, and Dr. Priscilla Gonsalves, who initiated the plantation. Apart from the faculty, staff and students, the event was participated by other dignitaries from District forest office and Nature Biotech Products Industry from Baggi, Mandi.

Towards the establishment of the Botanical Garden, a team consisting of nursery workers from Kamand area, expert horticulturists and plant science researchers are involved. The team under the charge of Dr. Shyam Masakapalli and a noted local consultant Dr. Chiranjit Parmar has plans in place to expand the collection of plants including the rare and endangered from the state of Himachal Pradesh and elsewhere, along with their conservation, documentation and digitization. Apart from the eco-mapping study conducted at the Kamand valley, ongoing activities include setting up of herbarium, maintenance of the herbal garden and organizing outreach activities as a part of IIT Mandi’s eco-management strategy.

    Prof. Timothy Gonsalves, Director of IIT Mandi and the other staff during the inaugration of Botanical Garden

    Prof. Timothy Gonsalves showering the plants.