Exodia-2013, a big hit!, 12 March

Keeping up with the tradition, Exodia-2013, Tech-cum-Cult fest organized by the students of IIT Mandi from March 1st-March3rd was a big hit with the audience this year too. Around 550 students took part in the fest from the reputed technical institutes from all over India like IIT Kanpur, IIT Ropar, IIIT Hyderabad, BITs Goa and so on. The fest was a right mix of cultural, technical and literary events. The band of ex-euphoria member, EKA; Kathak performance by Monisa Nayak, Mr and Ms. Exodia and musical show by you tube artistes were some of the highlights of the fest.

It was a sheer treat to watch the cultural show organized during Exodia that included Band Slam, Alap, Instrumania, Big Stink, Envision (Documentary-making contest) , Synchronians (group dance), Groove fanatics (solo dance) and so on. In Brand Slam musical bands from different parts of the country participated where as Alap was a solo singing contest which attracted around 30 participants. Instrumania gave an opportunity to the students to exhibit their talent in playing musical instruments like guitar,flute,table,dhol and so on.

      Kathak artiste, Monisa Nayak, performing after the inauguration of the tech-cum-Cult fest Exodia-2013

Various literary events like: The Big Question, Survivor, Biggest Liar and Devil’s advocate very well exhibited students’ speaking and argumentative prowess. The participants put their arguments logically with apt choice of words.

Several technical events like Contirve, Junkyard Wars, Designots, Pneumatic Missile, Dementia, Obfuscation, Quick Thesis Contest, Clash of Avatars (Sumo), Escalade and NitroBlaze as part of Exodia helped the creative minds to innovate and design running models.