Exodia 2014

Exodia'14 was the third edition of the annual technical-cultural festival Exodia organized by the students of IIT Mandi. The 3 day event took place between 11-13 April with an aim of promoting technical and cultural talent and providing an incubation nest for the same. Through its humble existence of 3 years Exodia received tremendous participation and support, hiking heights which we never thought we would be able to.

Various technical workshops in domains like Android development, Ethical Hacking, Robotics have been conducted and have successfully managed to impart technical education and learnings to its participants.

Exodia'14 was graced by the presence of Gautam Mahajan (inventor of PET bottles).

Like its previous editions, Exodia'14 saw huge participation coming from Himachal Pradesh and beyond. There were 623 students from 13 Institutes. This has encouraged technical communication and collaboration between the various colleges and we hope to build a strong network with in the state in future.

Technical events like Junkyard Wars (A competition to build machine out of scrap), Dementia ( Coding Marathon) which saw international online participation come in, Nitro Blaze ( Remote controlled car ), designing competition - ArCAD, robotics events like Line Follower and Sumo Wars and many others were also held to promote technical activities in a fun and engaging way.

Apart from technical events Exodia also played host to may cultural events like Band Slam, Synchronians ( A group dance competition), Instrumania, Groove Fanatics (Solo Dance) and Exodia Idol (Solo Singing). These events provided its participants a stage to showcase their talents. These events also brought to the fore front a flavor of Himachali Culture with various groups choosing to compete through their native genre.

This edition of Exodia saw it picking up a social mettle as well when we ran a social campaign targeted at bringing about awareness about pursuing Higher education. There is a vast world beyond school education which can help students realize their dreams. IIT Mandi has always tried to help students whether through guidance, counselling or coaching. This Exodia students continued this effort and held talks and presentations in various schools of Mandi to spread this awareness.

We are immensely indebted and are in gratitude for the unbounded help and continued support provided by the IIT Mandi and Government of Himachal Pradesh without whom all of this would have been unfruited diligence. We sincerely hope for this continued support and help for the upcoming edition of Exodia where we will be once again setting out to promote cultural and technical activities in Himachal Pradesh.