Short-term Course on FEMEA at IIT Mandi, 24 July

A one week short term course on 'Finite Element Method for Engineering Applications' organized by Indian Institute of Technology Mandi during July 16-20, 2012.

Inauguration function: (from left to right) Dr. Manish Shrikhande, Prof. Subrata Ray, Prof. T. A. Gonsalves.
Prof. Lalit Malhotra, Dr. R.C Sawhney

Short term course was inaugurated by Prof. T. A. Gonsalves, Director, IIT Mandi, Prof. Subrata Ray, Prof. Lalit Malhotra , Dr. R. C. Sawhney and Dr. Manish Shrikhande in academic block of IIT Mandi.

On the occasion, Prof. T. A. Gonsalves spoke about the advantages of employing computer-based techniques for designing and research. Talking about the faster designing process, he also cautioned the students against blind over-reliance on softwares that could lead to accidents.

Prof. Malhotra highlighted the accomplishment and research activities of IIT Mandi and shared the vision of IIT Mandi, as an Institute to be a leader in science and technology education, knowledge creation and innovation.

Prof. Ray addressed the gathering by highlighting the need of modeling and simulation. Dr. R. C. Sawhney shared the technical views on research.

The main objective of this 5-days short term course was to introduce the fundamentals of finite element method to the participants to solve problems in different engineering disciplines viz. solid mechanics, structural dynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and electrical circuitry network and to familiarize the participants to programming utilized in implementing the Finite Element method.Participants were awarded the certificate of participation by the Director of IIT Mandi, Prof. Timothy A. Gonsalves

Concluding Session and valedictory function: (from left to right) Dr. I.V. Singh, Prof. T. A. Gonsalves,
Partcipant, and Dr. Rajeev Kumar

The participants, who came from both academia and industry, appreciated the short course. Student participants from Institutes like IIT Roorkee, NIT Hamirpur, Jabalpur Engineering Colleges, etc. acknowledged the edge this course would provide them either in their research work or in understanding the inter disciplinarity involved in problem solving.

The interactive sessions during the course were also welcomes by many students. For, they got a chance to clarify their doubts. An MS student at IIT Mandi Aditya Chauhan says, “Sometimes it is difficult to understand all applications of a tool with books. An interactive course like this is certainly more interesting.”

Group photo with participants

The speakers inculded Prof. Puneet Mahajan ( IIT Delhi), Dr. Manish Shrikhande (IIT Roorkee), Dr. I. V. Singh (IIT Roorkee), Dr. Rajeev Kumar (IIT Mandi), Dr. Vishal Singh Chauhan (IIT Mandi) and Dr. Om Praksh Singh (IIT Mandi). The short-term course came to an end on July 20, 2012. Candidates were awarded the certificate of participation by the Director of IIT Mandi Prof. Timothy A. Gonsalves.