A Workshop on Applications of Smart Materials, 17 July 2015

The above one day workshop was conducted by IIT Mandi, on 17th July, 2015. During his talk, Dr. Jens Twiefel, Research Manager, Leibniz University Hannover Germany, briefed about ultrasonic actuators and shared his experience about ultrasonic levitation, ultrasonic friction reduction in bearing, tillage, and pneumatic actuator, ultrasonic assisted deep hole drilling, piezoelectric & ultrasonic motors, and ultrasonic powder transport. Prof. B.N. Singh, Head of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Kharagpur discussed some very important studies on smart composite structures. He also introduced the applications of shape memory alloys in aerospace technology. Prof. Michael Sinapius, Member of Board of Directors, German Aerospace Center, Braunschweig, Germany explained active noise control inside aircraft and active shape control for aircraft wings during takeoff and landing. Dr. Rajeev Kumar, School of Engineering IIT Mandi discussed the different applications of smart materials in space. He briefed application of piezoelectric material in vibration & shape control of space craft antenna reflector, space robot, microsystem for space applications, deployment of satellites, and instrument positioning. Mr. Chanderkant Susheel emphasized on the importance of functional graded piezoelectric material for the vibration and shape control of smart structures. Mr. Tarun Verma discussed the applications of smart material for the energy harvesting. Mr.Vishrut Shah summarized different type smart materials and their applications.

During valedictory, Prof. B.N. Singh distributed certificates to the 33 participants from Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu.

    Group Photo