Microsoft Team visits IIT Mandi, 09 Feb

A five member team from Microsoft India visited IIT Mandi to select students for their Summer Internship programme. Mr. Mahender Dubba, Senior Director, Service Management Division of Microsoft expressed his pleasure in interviewing the students for this programme. He mentioned that despite IIT Mandi being in its third year only, there is no difference between the students of IIT Mandi and those from the older IITs. Selecting three students for the programme, he expressed his pleasure that the students have been given all the required exposure and rigorous training here.

Professor T. A. Gonsalves, Director, IIT Mandi, told Mr. Dubba that IIT Mandi would be happy to work on long term innovative projects with Microsoft. He also wished that Microsoft would expand its talent search beyond computer science students and think of looking for talents in other streams like electrical and mechanical engineering. Pleased with the talent, Mr Dubba expressed his desire to be the first recruiter at IIT Mandi.

About Microsoft India, Mr. Dubba said that the campus at Hyderabad is the largest in terms of people and business that Microsoft has in any place outside the United States.Click here for a news report in The Tribune.