IIT Mandi Director shifts to Kamand campus, 03 July

On June 26th, IIT Mandi Director Prof. Timothy A Gonsalves shifted to Kamand, 15 kms from the transit campus in Mandi city. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony by Mrs Priscilla Gonsalves, the IIT Mandi Director occupied his office in the renovated Hospital of the Animal Husbandry Department. As the building now has the conveniences of modern life, his first act was to send an email via the 100 Mb/s optical fibre connection to the Internet.

Professor Gonsalves, his wife Mrs Priscilla Gonsalves, their dog Rusty and a PhD scholar Reena Singh are among those who have shifted to the beautiful and serene campus at Kamand. They are residing in renovated staff quarters overlooking the Uhl River. The shift is definitely a step towards speeding up of ongoing activities at the new campus. The second-year B.Tech. students would be the next to move to the Kamand campus in the forthcoming academic session starting in August 2012.

The Director has set an example by being the first one to shift, which will motivate other faculty and staff to join him at the Kamand campus soon. The entire Institute is expected to operate from Kamand by July 2013.

KamandKamand campus