Advanced level workshop on “Controllability of Heat and Wave Equations”

    Participants of “Controllability of Heat and Wave Equations” workshop.

The School of Basic Sciences, IIT Mandi in collaboration with National Program on Differential Equations: Theory, Computation and Applications (NPDE-TCA 2015), IIT Bombay, organized a 5 day Advanced Level Workshop on “Controllability of Heat and Wave Equations” during November 16-20, 2015.

This workshop was held to study the controllability of the finite as well as infinite dimensional control system. 33 bright and motivated participants from different parts of the country attended the workshop. Prof. Timothy A. Gonsalves, Director, IIT Mandi, spoke on the controllability and also emphasized on the importance of collaborative research work between mathematician and engineers.

Controllability is a mathematical problem, which consists of determining the targets to which one can drive the state of some dynamical system by means of a control parameter presenting in the given equations. Many physical systems such as quantum system, Rocket launching problem, Satellite control, Control of aircraft and fluid mechanic system are represented by an infinite number of degree of freedom and their evolution follows by a partial differential equations. In particular, the controllability problems for the Heat and Wave equations are a mathematical description of such situation.

During the workshop lectures were delivered by the following eminent mathematicians:

  • Prof. D Bahuguna (IIT Kanpur) : Semigroup theory.
  • Prof. N. Sukavanam (IIT Roorkee) : Controllability of Finite Dimensional System.
  • Prof Amiya K. Pani (IIT Bombay) : Application of the Semigroup Theory.
  • Prof. Raju K George (IIST Trivandrum) : Controllability of Infinite Dimensional System.
  • Prof. K. Sakthivel (IIST Trivandrum) : Carleman Estimates and Controllability of Heat Equations.
  • Prof. A. K. Nandakumaran (IISc Bangalore) : Controllability of Wave Equation: Variational and HUM Approach.
  • Dr. Muslim Malik (IIT Mandi) : Introduction to the Controllability of Fractional Differential Equations.

  • As a result of active participation of the participants, research scholars, coordinating faculty members and the coordinator Dr. Muslim Malik, the workshop was a great success.