IIT Mandi started two new Post-Graduate Programs from August, 2014

  • M.Sc. in Chemistry
    IIT Mandi introduced a unique M.Sc. program in chemistry with specialization in various areas such as Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry & Nanosciences in the School of Basic Sciences.  For further details, write to sbsoffice@iitmandi.ac.in

  • M.Tech. in Energy Materials
    The M.Tech. (Energy Materials) is interdisciplinary and provides for foundation courses to impart perspective of the technologies involved in the energy scenario along with basis materials courses to create the necessary background in materials. The core courses are aimed to prepare the background in the Materials challenges in the energy scenario and the theoretical and experimental tools necessary to address these challenges along with the general background in laws and policies related to energy and environment. The core courses and elective courses have been structured in such a manner that the students with different backgrounds will have the option to choose the elective courses so as to become specialized in a specific field. These courses are followed by specialized courses on specific energy technologies. IIT Mandi provides technology education, which is characterized by training in development of actual products and technologies across undergraduate and postgraduate level. The proposed curriculum also provides for design practicum where the students will be trained in projects on product and process development related to power technologies through ‘Design Practicum’. Free electives are to be chosen by the students across the institute reflecting their freedom of learning.
    For further details, write to seoffice@iitmandi.ac.in

    NOTE: Admissions for the Academic Year 2014-15 are now CLOSED. Please visit the website periodically for updates.