A Short Term Course on Practical Finite Element Method, 13-17 July 2015

Indian Institute of Technology Mandi organized a four day short term course on “Practical Finite Element Method” and one day workshop on “Applications of Smart Materials” during 13-17 July. Prof. T. A. Gonsalves, Director IIT Mandi inaugurated the program. Dr. Rajeev Kumar briefed about the coverage of the course and workshop. The course comprises of 10 lectures and 17 hours lab sessions followed by a workshop incorporating 8 talks.

    Inauguration function: (from left to right) Mr Anshul Sharma, Dr. Vishal S. Chauhan , Dr. Rahul Vaish, Prof. Timothy. A. Gonsalves and Dr. Rajeev Kumar

    Inauguration function: Prof. Timothy. A. Gonsalves, Director IIT Mandi during his inaugural speech.

In his inaugural, Prof. T. A. Gonsalves emphasized the importance of designing a product and owning its Intellectual Property Rights. He said that cut throat competition in the market puts tremendous pressure on the corporations to launch reasonably priced products in short time, making them to rely more on virtual tools (CAD/CAE) accelerate the design and development of products. As dependability of the industries on virtual tools increases, so it is the responsibility of the finite element analysts to provide results with most accuracy within available resources and time constrains. He also briefed the importance of smart materials to reduce the cost of product.

The course was particularly beneficial for engineers and scientists working in structural, fluidflow, environmental, geo-technical, thermal engineering, research organizations, Govt. R&D departments, consulting companies, and self-employed practitioners engaged in the analysis, design, planning, construction, operation, maintenance and management. How finite element method (FEM) is utilized to solve engineering problems related to stress analysis, heat transfer, fluid flow, manufacturing and electromagnetics was discussed. It was a learning experience for 33 participants who attended the course. The participants were given the certificate of participation.

The speakers of short term course were Dr. Rajeev Kumar, Dr. Vishal Singh Chauhan, Dr. Om Prakash Singh, Dr. Mohammad Talha and Dr. Arpan Gupta.

    Concluding Session and valedictory function: (Counterclockwise), Prof B. N. Singh, Mr. Amit Sharma, Dr. Rajeev Kumar, and Participant
    Group photo with participants