Mini-workshop on "Caution: Wo-Men at work--Volatile Genders Inside", 15th Mar

Women Center Committee, is organizing a mini-workshop on March 15, 2014, Saturday, as per the following programme:

Interactive talk of Dr Sharmila Sreekumar, IIT Bombay on "Caution: Wo-Me at work--Volatile Genders Inside" at 10:00 am. Panel Discussion on "Why men should care" at 11:30am

Abstract of the talk:- We live in and through gender. So much so that we take it for granted. Furthermore, we often do not "see" it. This presentation seeksto examine our commonsense about gender and open our sights to the manyinsidious, extensive and paradoxical ways in which gender operates. It also seeks to pose new and discomfiting questions about gender.