An Institutional Biography Published on 24th Feb 2021


The initial years of any institution are a period of intense activity and great excitement, during which infrastructure is created and traditions are established. Such was the case with IIT Mandi too. Its montane location made the story of the first 10 years unique: the scenic beauty of the setting attracted students and faculty members alike, and at the same time there were unusual challenges to be faced in creating an IIT in the mountains.



Scaling the Heights celebrates IIT Mandi’s first decade. As it traces the story of the establishment of this technological institution, it transports the reader from Roorkee, where the nascent year was spent, to a ‘transit campus’ and to IIT Mandi’s own home in the hills. Many members of the IIT Mandi community, including administrators, staff and faculty members and alumni, who were part of the story have contributed accounts of their experiences to Scaling the Heights. The book is richly illustrated with images from IIT Mandi’s own photographic archive and from other sources.


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