Women's Centre
Women's Centre

IIT Mandi has Women's Centre(WC) comprising of faculty members, staff members and student representatives. The role of WC is:

To maintain and develop Campus community interaction, awareness and opportunities for collaborative working

WC Members

Chair : Dr. Bindu Radhamany (Chair)
            Assoc. Professor , School of Basic Sciences

            Dr. Renu Rameshan
            Asst. Professor , School of Computers and Electrical engineering

            Pradyuman Kumar Pathak, Asst. Professor, School of Engineering.

            Dr. Mousumi Mukherjee
            Asst. Professor , School of Engineering

            Ms. Chandan Sharma, Jr. Superitendent

            Dr. N.S.Bhandari, Dy. Librarian

Student Members:
            Mamta Raju Bhagia (B. Tech 3rd year)

            Palak Gupta (B. Tech, 2nd year)

            Ananya Shukla (B. Tech 1st year)

            Amrutha N.V (SHSS)

            Diksha Gambhir (SBS)