Research Interest

Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Superconductivity,
Topological phases, Metal-Insulator transition,
Qunatum Magnets, Multiferroics
Some Results

Physical Review B 105, 115120 (2022)
Shailja Sharma et al.

Magnetotransport and high-resolution angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopic studies of palladium-doped Bi2Te3

Superconducting Science & Technology 35, 075015(2022)
Shailja Sharma and C.S.Yadav
Anisotropic upper critical field, Seebeck and Nernst Coeefficient of Nb0.2Bi2Se3 superconductor.

Physical Review B 98 165119 (2018)
M.K. Hooda and C.S.Yadav

Unusual magnetoresistance oscillations in preferentially oriented
p-type polycrystalline ZrTe5

Review of Scientific Instrumentation 91 123907 (2020)
Shailja Sharma and C.S.Yadav
Seebeck and Nernst Coeefficient measured on FeTe0.5Se0.5 superconductor,
Bismuth semimetal and Bi2Se3 topological insulator.

J. Physics: Condensed Matter 33 285801 (2021)
Sonu Chhillar, K. Mukherjee and C.S.Yadav
Structure driven magnetic correlations and magnetoelectric coupling in
6H - perovskite Ba3DyRu2O9

Europhysics Letter 121, 17001 (2018)
M.K. Hooda, and C.S. Yadav
Electronic transport properties of intermediately coupled
superconductors: PdTe2 and Cu0.05PdTe2

Scientific Report (2021)
Sheetal and C.S. Yadav
Evolution of spin freezing transition and structural, magnetic
phase diagram of Dy2-xLaxZr2O7; x = 0- 2.0
J. Physics: Condensed Matter 33 285801 (2020)
Sheetal, A.Ali, S.Rajput, Y.Singh, T.Maitra and C.S, Yadav
Emergence of weak pyrochlore phase and signature of field induced
spin ice ground state in Dy2-xLaxZr2O7; x = 0, 0.15, 0.30

Euro Physics Letter 117, 67006 (2017)
Surender Lal, S. Upadhyay, K. Mukherjee, and C.S. Yadav
Magnetoelectric coupling in Sr doped YBaCuFeO5 multiferroic compounds.
Applied Physics Letter 111 053902 (2017)
M.K. Hooda and C.S. Yadav
Enhanced thermopower and low thermal conductivity in p-type polycrystalline ZrTe5.