Vision and Mission


To be a leader in science and technology education, knowledge creation and innovation, in an India marching towards a just, inclusive and sustainable society.


  • To create knowledge through team effort and individually for the benefit of society.
  • To impart education to produce professionals capable of leading efforts towards innovative products and processes for the development of the Himalayan region in particular and our country and humanity in general.
  • To inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship and to impart the ability to devise globally recognized solutions for the problems of society and industry, particularly in the fragile eco-system of the Himalayas.
  • To train teachers capable of inspiring the next generation of engineers, scientists and researchers.
  • To work intensely with industry in pursuit of the above goals of education and research, leading to the development of cutting-edge and commercially-viable technologies.
  • To operate in an ambiance marked by overriding respect for ability and merit.