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About Health Centre

Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi

Health Centre, IIT Mandi is situated on the North campus, having one extension unit on the South campus. It is a non- dieted patient care unit that provides routine and emergency medical cover to all students, faculty, staff and their dependent. It also provides first aid and emergency care to Mind Tree school students and workers/casual laborers of the campus, with the scope of referral to higher Centre who require admission and special care as and when required via 24 hrs. ambulance service. The Health Centre consists of a team of full-time Medical Officers, Visiting Specialists and Para Medical staff.

Facilities at Health Centre

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Taken care of by medical officer and visiting consultant. Patients are registered at the reception and are seen on first come, first serve basis, however out of turn consultation may be provided in case of emergency and senior citizen. Patients have the right to consult any doctor. Wheel chairs, trolleys and attendants are there to help very sick patients

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Trained laboratory staff providing their services, which include routine blood tests and urine tests. Some specialized tests through kits include CRP, malaria, scrub typhus, pregnancy test; HIV, VDRL, HBs AG, typhoid, etc are also available. Further, Dr. Lal’s Path Lab staff also visits the health center twice in a month to provide their services at IIT campus.

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Health Centre has fully equipped Digital radiography (DR) room. Trained X-ray technician staff providing services, which include all routine X-Rays i.e., Chest X-Ray, Abdominal X-Ray, KUB X-Ray, whole Spine X-Ray, Joint X-Ray and Full, body Stitching X-Ray etc.

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Ambulance Services

Institute has two Ambulances (One Basic Life Support and another Advance Life Support Ambulance) which is used to Transferred the patients from home/ hostels (campus) to health centre or to refer the patients to higher centre / empanelled Hospitals..

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Dressing /Minor procedure room

Provides services for minor surgical procedure like dressing of lacerated wound, suturing of minor lacerations, suture removal, abscess drainage, application of Injections etc., procedures like ear syringing /foreign body removal.

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Emergency Services

Health centre has 24 X 7 Emergency cares with the provision of emergency drugs, and equipped with Multipara monitor, ECG, Nebulization, automated defibrillator, oxygen concentrator, and central oxygen system etc

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Reliable quality medicines are available to beneficiaries on doctor's prescription during OPD hours as well as emergency timings without any cost.

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Well-equipped physiotherapy room is available at the health centre north campus and the services is being provided by visiting Physiotherapist.

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In House dental services like dental extraction, scaling, RCT & dental X-ray etc., are available and same is provided by visiting dental doctors.

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ECG Services

Facility of ECG services is done by trained medical staffs.

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Minor OT

Minor surgical procedures are conducted in the Health Centre as well.

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Panchakarma Therapy

Panchakarma therapy is also recently added started in the north campus on payment basis.

Emergency Services


91- 9816663003

24 Hour Service

North Campus: 9816663003
South Campus: 7807330895

Working Days

    Mon - Sat - 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

    Sun/Holidays - Emergency Services only
    (Doctors available on calls only)

Other Details

  • Beyond Health Centre OPD hours, Health Centre only caters to serious patients requiring medical help at campus
  • Doctor is only available on call basis.
  • Ambulance on call is available within campus.
  • No investigation facility is available in emergency.
  • Drugs for emergency are available for immediate relief.
  • After giving First Aid treatment patient may be referred to higher centres/empanelled hospitals located at Mandi town.
  • Institute also has MOU with super specialty hospitals like Max care and Fortis hospital in Mohali, Chandigarh where critically ill patients are referred via ALS Ambulance
  • All MLC cases to be referred to the CHC Kataula / District hospital Mandi and to be treated / decided as per hospital / government protocols.

Medical Team

Name Designation Mobile Office Email
Dr. Chander Singh Principal Medical Officer 9816661854 267849
Dr. O. P. Mahenderu Medical Officer 9816231444 267849
Dr. Milan Behl Medical Officer (Ayurveda) 9780671760 267238
Dr. Utsav Thakur GDMO 8894184763 267849
Bhavneshwari Staff Nurse 9857937047 267849
Kamlesh Staff Nurse 9805979520 267014
Seema Kumari Staff Nurse 7807473692 267849
Namita Kumari Staff Nurse 8219958700 267849
Chandni Thakur Staff Nurse 8988413235 267849
Jagriti Thakur Staff Nurse 9418940977 267849
Sarika Sharma Staff Nurse 7807200596 267849
Vijay Kumar Pharmacist 9805274084 267014
Kant Kumar Saini Lab Technician 9816033519 267849 -
Rituraj Tech. Assistant X-Ray 9935602643 267849
Kamal Kishore Office Assistant 9459260467/8629015150 267849
Dharampal Ambulance Driver 8628835180 267849 -
Raj Kumar Ambulance Driver 9816887287 267849 -
Nitesh Sharma Medical Attendant 9805385192 267849

Health Advisory Committee

Dr. Kaustav Mukerjee


Dr. Shashank Pathak

Dr. Jagadeesh Kadiyam

Dr. Narendra Kumar Dhar

Dr. Rajeshwari Dutt

AR (Admin)

Dr. Milan Behl

Student General Secretary


Hostel Affair Secretary


Dr. Chander Singh

Member Secretary


  • Anti Rabies Vaccine
  • Tetanus Toxoid
  • Anti Snake Venom (Subject to availbility)


Health Centre,
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi


01905-267209 (North Campus),
01905-267014(South Campus)