The Vision

The vision of IIT Mandi is to spearhead cutting edge research and development of technologies needed by the world in the years to come. Research groups will work together in creating and harnessing the newest technologies needed to serve the people of the region and the country, to tackle problems of global importance. In order to achieve excellence and high impact locally and globally, IIT Mandi will strongly foster inter-disciplinary research and development. With a view to innovating sustainable technologies for widespread use, IIT Mandi will encourage strong Humanities and Social Sciences participation in technology research and development.

Thrust areas

The initial thrust will be in the following areas:

Candidates who are interested in research in any of the above areas and have a proven track record relevant to it are encouraged to apply to these Schools. Individuals who combine a strong academic record with a few years of relevant industry experience, particularly in design and manufacturing, will be preferred.

Exceptional candidates in other areas may also be considered.

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