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Minor Program

A minor is intended for a student to gain expertise in an area outside his/her major B. Tech discipline. A specialist basket of 3-6 courses is identified for each Minor. Each basket may rest on one or more foundation courses. A basket may have sequences within it, i.e. advanced courses may rest on basic courses in the basket. In order to successfully complete a Minor, a student needs to take at least 9 credits with a CGPA of 7.0 out of the courses defined in that Minor basket. The area of the Minor must be different from the Major discipline of the student; the courses that are part of the common core (including HSS), or the discipline core/electives cannot be counted towards a Minor. A student is allowed to take any number of Minors, but a particular course cannot be counted for more than 1 Minor. The name of the Minor will appear on the Transcript and the degree certificate of the student.

Minor in Management

Minor in German