Technology Development

Using current strengths to develop technology interfaces across several ICPS problems (including those in the mountain region) concerning different domains of environment, healthcare, IT, and defense & security.

Skill and Human Resource Development

The iHub will start several training programs (on-campus and online) in the HCI area in collaboration with its partners or via in-house expertise. The material for these training programs will be posted online and it could be downloaded for a fee. The iHub will also conduct workshops on a regular basis. In particular, the online executive programs are likely to engage many executives in the industry, who are unable to devote full time in the on-campus workshops. In addition, it is expected that graduate, post-graduate, doctoral, post-doctoral, and faculty at IIT Mandi will do research in the iHub.

Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

The iHub will follow a Knowledge-Development-Translation-Commercialization approach to creating a start-up ecosystem with IIT Mandi Catalyst, the first TBI housed on IIT Mandi campus and set up in the Himachal Pradesh state. Thus, iHub supported projects that develop software- or interface- based prototypes using the knowledge and development will be assisted in translation and commercialization stages via IIT Mandi Catalyst as well as via patenting of the product. The entrepreneurship and start-up activities will involve a certain percentage share for the iHub. Thus, entrepreneurship and start-up activities will enable the iHub to sustain itself. In addition, the entrepreneur in residence program will likely enable a certain number of these individuals to start-up companies, where the iHub could get a percentage share based upon investment as well as based upon certain percentage of revenue from products sold by these startups.

International Collaborations

The iHub will make use of its existing and new international collaborations for getting project ideas. The iHub is going to leverage existing collaborations. These collaborations will enable the iHub to get relevant HCI problems from industry and academia to work upon. Also, these collaborations will help in organizing workshop events as part of the iHub and help in the review of the project proposals submitted to the iHub. The iHub will also try to connect with new and existing Indian companies in the HCI.