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A National Workshop on reliability and economic performance of multi-functional microgrids for Indian scenario will be organized by IIT Mandi during 21st to 23rd December 2017

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The School of Computing and Electrical Engineering (SCEE) at IIT Mandi encompasses the disciplines of computer science and electrical engineering. Currently, the School offers the B.Tech., M.S. by research, and Ph.D. programs. The B.Tech. program is offered in computer science or in electrical engineering. The members of the School are involved in research and teaching in communication engineering, distributed systems, electric drives, human computer interaction, cognitive science, machine learning, nanoelectronics, power electronics, signal processing, and VLSI design.

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Administrative Glossary / प्रशासनिक शब्दबोध
पहुच - Access
Technical Glossary / तकनीकी शब्दबोध
अवशोषण श्रृंखला- Absorption Series